A1 Listening

The term A1-level English is used to describe the skills of users who have a basic knowledge of the English language. The person learning English at the A1 level will be able to understand others using the most commonly used English words and phrases. He or she will also be able to use these phrases for communicating with others. Usually people with A1 spoken English skills also have A1 listening skills, and can recognize widely used words.

Users with basic listening skills will often have to understand what others are saying while studying, travelling or interacting with others so that they can complete basic procedures. They have to provide personal information in various situations, such as on the first day of school or college, getting an identity card issued, or registering at a hotel. They should be able to understand others introducing a friend, describing other people, or providing simple instructions.

A1 Listening Practice (Vocabulary)

A1 Listening Practice Tests

These lessons are designed to help you understand basic words and simple phrases that are used commonly in English, when people speak clearly and slowly.

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