B1 Listening

Individuals who can communicate in English independently without any assistance from other people in English are considered to have level B1 English language skills. Intermediate B1 level listeners should be able to listen and understand more complex conversations and speeches, especially on science related topics. The listener’s English listening and comprehension skills are sufficient for communication with others while traveling or on a holiday in a country or place where English is widely used.

After B1-level listening practice you will be able to understand job-related discussions, speeches and other conversations in English if the speech is clear, and if there are no distractions. These listening skills are required for job interviews, for business meetings where a speech may be delivered, and during the phone calls.

B1 Listening Practice (Vocabulary)

B1 Listening Practice Tests

Tests for Intermediate-level B1 level listeners include listening and understanding more complex lectures, conversations or speeches, especially on topics with which the student is not familiar. Some of the sample tests include listening to recordings of teachers, guides or other experts on topics with which the student is not familiar. In other cases, the student listens to conversations, discussion or radio recordings. After listening to the recording, to test listening skills, the student has to answer multiple choice questions.