B1 Reading

Individuals who can communicate in English independently without any assistance from other people in English are considered have level B1 English language skills. However, in some cases, individuals may have B1-level speaking and listening skills, yet have lower-level reading and writing skills. A B1 English level student has adequate reading skills to understand written text on topics with which he or she is familiar with in standard English.

The B1 reading skills require you to understand job-related texts and other written materials at the workplace, for personal interaction and professional reasons. After completing these lessons and exercises, you should be able to read and understand emails, basic technical documents, presentations, advertisements, reviews, articles and guides for travel…

For B1-level reading tests the student has to read text material that he will normally handle regularly, while studying, at the workplace, doing leisure activities and while on a holiday, travelling. Some of the typical reading texts provided as part of the test are reading a travel guide, a program for a conference, a request for help on email, an entry in an encyclopedia, or the schedule or program for a conference. To check the reading and English comprehension skills, the student will have to answer relevant questions based on the text.

B1 Reading Practice Tests