B2 English Level (Upper Intermediate)

Most people who know only one language assume that language skills are acquired naturally. However, there are many stages in learning a language, and a person has to spend many hours listening, reading and practicing to become fluent in a language .The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages is the most popular system worldwide; it defines the different levels of listening, speaking, reading, comprehension and writing skills for English and other languages. The term A level describes basic users of English; C level defines proficient English users; B1 level describes intermediate users and B2-level users are independent users who are fairly fluent in the language, and can communicate without additional effort with other people speaking or writing in English. Students interested in improving their English skills should take an online test to find out the exact level of their English skills. This will help them decide the best way to improve their skills.

B2 English Level Skills

The B2-level skills in English are further categorized into reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. A person who may have B2-level speaking and listening skills may not have B2-level writing or reading skills, due to lack of practice. Students who wish to gain admission to colleges in English speaking countries are usually tested for their English skills so that they can understand what is taught and complete the coursework. So it is necessary to get certified for B2-level English before applying for admission to colleges where English is the medium of instruction in some countries.

B2 or upper intermediate–level English listeners can understand what others are saying without additional assistance. English level B2 speakers are fluent in the language and can communicate with other English speakers comfortably and without making any additional effort. They usually have a vocabulary of approximately 4,000 words which they can understand and use while speaking.

Similarly students with B2-level reading skills will be able to read and understand complex written text on topics related to products, services or ideas with which they are not familiar. They will also be able to understand technical and scientific papers and discussions.

Students with B2-level writing skills can write clearly and in great detail on a large variety of subjects. They can also write a detailed analysis of a topic which is complex and includes the disadvantages as well as advantages of using a product, service, or plan.

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