B2 Listening

The term B2 English level is used to describe independent users who are fairly fluent in the language, and can communicate without additional effort with other people speaking or writing in English. Upper intermediate B2-level English listeners should be able to listen and understand more complex English speeches, conversations and discussions.

B2 Listening Practice (Vocabulary)

B2 or upper intermediate level English listeners can understand what others are saying without additional assistance. The English level B2 speakers are fluent in the language and can communicate with others English speakers comfortably and without making any additional effort. They usually have a vocabulary of approximately 4000 words which they can understand and use while speaking.

B2 Listening Practice Tests

Improving listening skills to B2 levels will help you understand longer speeches, on subjects you know about, even if the ideas in the speech are complex. These skills will help you while listening to lectures, while studying , in presentations at the office, and while hearing reviews and radio or television broadcasts.