C1 Listening

C1 English users are advanced users of English. They can read and write in complex English at their workplaces or while studying. Advanced C1 CEFR-level English listeners should have the skills to listen and understand discussions, lectures and conversations among a large number of people, on complex topics which they have not heard about earlier.

C1-level skills for English listening will help you to understand longer speeches on complex subjects with which you are not familiar, or abstracts. These skills will make it easier to listen to talks, other speakers in meetings, speakers during interviews for jobs and lectures in college.

C1 Listening Practice (Vocabulary)

C1 Listening Practice Tests

These lessons often include two to five people being interviewed together or discussing a topic. A person having advanced listening skills should be able to understand and remember the speakers, and what each of the speakers has said. The listener should be able to distinguish the voices of each of the speakers and also understand topics with which he or she is unfamiliar.