C2 English Level (Proficiency)

For every language there are different levels of proficiency for both verbal and written communication skills. The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages is the most widely used used system worldwide. It specifies and clearly the explains each of the levels for listening, understanding, reading and writing for English and other languages. The A level defines basic language users; B level is used for intermediate level English users, while C level describes proficient English users. The C level users are further categorized as C1 advanced English users, while C2 users are proficient English users.

C2 English Level Skills

C2-level English is the highest proficiency level for English, and English users at this level can complete complex English reading, writing, listening and speaking tasks at this level. As with other English users, there may be some differences in the four different English skills; native English speakers may be proficient in listening and speaking English, but they may not be proficient in writing, especially if they do not write regularly. Similarly, non-native English speakers who read and write regularly may be proficient in reading and writing but may be only intermediate-level English users for speaking and listening


Those who have C2-level English skills will be able to understand almost everything they hear in English. They will be able to understand speakers even if they are speaking in English at a very fast pace with an accent. They can also remember what is being said, and summarize it while speaking or writing if required.


A C2 English level speaker can speak very fluently in English, without any effort, and has a large vocabulary. He or she is very precise while speaking, is aware of the subtle differences in the meaning of various English words, and uses them in the right context. He or she can express his opinions and emotions on different topics very clearly, so that others can easily understand them.


A person having C2-level reading skills in English is able to read all English content including complex topics such as abstracts, fiction, literature, or the latest scientific or technology developments, quickly and easily. She or he also has sufficient vocabulary and English comprehension skills to understand and remember what is read without additional assistance.


Individuals with English C2 level writing skills can summarize the information, conversations and discussions they hear or read from multiple sources in written format. They can write concise summaries of what they have read or heard according to the instructions provided. The English writer is fluent in the language, will write fast and uses the right words

Typically a well-educated native English speaker with a college, postgraduate or doctoral degree will have C2-level proficiency in English. Passing the C2-level exams shows that the professional or student has the English skills for working or studying at the highest levels, in senior management or academics. Most English learners who are not native English speakers do not reach the C2 levels of English proficiency because they do not require this level of language skills for their academic or professional goals.

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