Grammar (A1-A2)

· December 1, 2022

English is the lingua franca of the modern era. This is due to the language being primarily used in areas like international communication, commerce, diplomacy, academia, and the fields of medicine, science, and technology.

There are around 1.5 billion English speakers worldwide, and 67 countries have it as their official language. This figure includes native and second-language speakers, making it the most widely spoken language in the world.

What we now call “Modern English” evolved over centuries. Its current status as a global language is a testament to its gradual evolution. Today, English is widely recognized as the most influential language in the world. Thus, in order to enjoy the benefits of proficiency, it is crucial to have a mastery of the language.

Proficiency in English opens you to opportunities that may improve your life. The benefits of learning English can range from improving your chances at employment opportunities to economic improvement and access to world-class education systems. In addition to the professional, economic, and academic benefits of learning English, the ability to communicate during travel and leisure, and the chance to start a life in English-speaking countries, are other benefits.

Whatever your motivation might be to learn English, this grammar course is designed to teach beginners about the rules governing the English language.

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