English Levels

Since English is spoken in almost all countries worldwide, levels of English proficiency vary significantly. We provide a variety of content and courses for individuals who wish to improve their English skills, so that content will match the English proficiency level of each student who wishes to improve his or her English skills. We provide courses and other content for each of the CEFR levels, such as advanced level C1, upper intermediate level B2, intermediate level B1, pre-intermediate level A2 and elementary level A1.

Understanding Your English Level

If students who are already proficient in English start from the lowest level, they will waste his time learning what they already know. Similarly, if you have only a basic understanding of English, you find the C1 courses too complex. So a student should first check his or her level of English proficiency, before deciding which level of English is appropriate. There are free tests available online which you can use to check your English proficiency. Then, based on the results of the proficiency test, you can choose a suitable English level course.

Discover your current English level by taking our free online English test.

A1 English Level (Elementary)

Often people only have a basic understanding of English, understanding and speaking widely used phrases after interacting with English speakers or watching English videos, though they have no formal education in English. So these people are considered A1-level English users. They can communicate in English if required using their limited vocabulary and understand widely used phrases and words.

A2 English Level (Pre-Intermediate)

After speaking English for professional purposes, or interacting with English speakers for a longer time period, some A1-level English users may improve their English to become pre–intermediate level A2 English users. They have a better vocabulary and understanding of English compared to A1 level users, and this is sufficient to communicate with other English users.

B1 English Level (Intermediate)

Individuals who can communicate in English independently without any assistance from other people in English are considered to have level B1 English language skills.

English is often taught as a second or third language in schools and colleges worldwide, so that students who have learned some English can communicate independently in English without any additional assistance from others. They can communicate in written as well as spoken English with other English users, though they may not be fluent.

B2 English Level (Upper Intermediate)

Many students who study English in school, college and use this language at the workplace for several years become fairly fluent in English. These students are considered to have level B2 skills. They can communicate in English with others, speaking or writing in the language without any additional effort.

C1 English Level (Advanced)

C1 English users are advanced users of English. They can read and write in complex English at their workplaces or while studying.

In many countries, English is the language used for teaching various subjects in school and college. It is also widely used for business, so most people who have used English for several decades, reading and writing for many hours, become extremely proficient in the language. They can listen, read and understand complicated English speeches and verbal communication, and also complete tasks in English for business or academic purposes.

C2 English Level (Proficiency)

C2 level English is the highest proficiency level for English, and English users at this level can complete complex English reading, writing, listening and speaking tasks at this level.

In some countries, English is the most widely spoken language and is used extensively for business communications. English is the only language which many people in these countries know, and they are extremely proficient in speaking, listening, reading and writing in English.

Pre-A1, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers English Skills for Children

Pre-A1 Starters

Three levels are used to define and test the English skills of young English learners, especially children, and Pre A1 Starters is the first of these levels. At this level children are introduced to spoken and written English used regularly to improve their language skills, so that they use English confidently. The tests for children are written on topics with which they are familiar, so that they can understand what they are asked more easily. Completing these tests will help to improve their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.

Acquiring Pre-A1 English skills, will help the student understand simple English content online, enjoy television, films, songs and simple books in English, and make friends globally. Every student who completes the pre-A1 test will get a certificate. There are three tests of 45 minutes’ duration each. Everyday activities are discussed in the test for better understanding. The major variants of English, such as American English and British English, are covered in the test.

A1 Movers

Young children who have completed pre-A1 level studies can then move to A1 Movers, which is the next level. Children will learn to improve both their English writing and speaking, so that they become more confident while using the language. For improving listening, reading, speaking and writing skills in English, the tests will usually be written on subjects which which most children are familiar.

Children with A1 Movers level skills are able to understand simple instructions and converse with others in basic English. The student will also be able to read instructions and notices, and understand the information. He or she will be able to fill out simple forms properly, and take notes which specify place, date and time. All students who complete the three papers of one hour’s duration each, will get a certificate. Popular variants such as American and British English are covered in the tests, which are about daily activities.

A2 Flyers

A2 Flyers is the third and last of the three English levels for young students and other learners, and is suitable for older children who know some English. Learning English at A2 Flyers level and taking the tests will help children who already have some knowledge of English to improve their verbal and written English communication skills so that they can communicate with other people confidently in English. There are three written English tests on paper of one hour, 15 minutes’ each, which test the proficiency of the student in writing, reading, speaking and listening in English.

Children who have completed A2 Flyers English test should be able to read and understand written English, understand how to use widely used expressions and phrases, and communicate in English in situations with which they are familiar. They will also be able to understand and interact with other people who are speaking in English, clearly and slowly. All students who appear for the A2 Flyers test, which covers American, British and other types of English, will get a certificate.

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