Pre-A1 English Level (Foundation)

Three levels are used to define and test the English skills of young English learners, especially children, and Pre-A1 Starters is the first of these levels. At this level children are introduced to spoken and written English used regularly to improve their language skills, so that they learn to use English confidently. The tests for children are written on topics with which they are familiar, so that they can understand what they are asked more easily. Completing these tests will help to improve their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.

Pre-A1 English Skills

Acquiring Pre-A1 English skills will help the student understand simple English content online, enjoy television, films, songs and simple books in English, and make friends globally. Every student who completes the pre-A1 test will get a certificate. There are three tests of 45 minutes’ duration each. Everyday activities are discussed in the test for better understanding. Major variants of English like such as American English and British English are covered in the test.

Pre-A1 Starters Practice Tests

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