Reading and Writing Practice Test 10 [A2]

Part 1

– 5 questions –

Where can you see these notices?
For question 1 – 5, choose the correct answer A – H.

Part 2

– 5 questions –

Read the sentences about animals. Choose the best answer for each question.

Part 3

– 10 questions –

Complete the five conversations.
For questions 1 – 5, click the correct answer.

Complete the conversation Jennifer has with her coach. What does she say to the coach?
For questions 1 – 5, choose the correct letter (A – H).

Part 4

Read the descriptions of some words about MUSIC.

What is the word for each one?

Part 5

– 5 questions –

Read the information about Charlie Robinson. Fill in the information on the Lost Property Form.

Part 6

Read the note from your friend Sarah.
Write a note to Sarah and answer her questions.
Write 25-35 words.

I really need my mp3 player back! Why have you still got it? When can you return it to me? Would you like to borrow it again next month?

Part 7

Look at the three pictures. Write the story shown in the pictures.
Write 35 words or more.