Reading and Writing Practice Test 8 [A2]

Part 1

– 5 questions –

Where can you see these notices?
For question 1 – 5, choose the correct answer A – H.


Part 2

– 5 questions –

Read the sentences about food. Choose the best answer for each question.

Part 3

– 10 questions –

Complete the five conversations.
For questions 1 – 5, click the correct answer.

Complete John’s interview with Luciana. What does she say to the John?
For questions 1 – 5, choose the correct letter (A – H).

Part 4

– 5 questions –

Read the descriptions of some words about HOLIDAY.

What is the word for each one?

Part 5

– 5 questions –

Read the poster and the email. Fill in the information in Gina’s notes.

Part 6

Read the email from your friend Adam.
Write an email to Adam and answer his questions.
Write 25-35 words.

From: Adam

Jimmy has sprained his ankle and he’d like me to visit him at home. Do you want to come with me? What present should we get him? When shall we go?

Part 7

Look at the three pictures. Write the story shown in the pictures.
Write 35 words or more.