English reading skills can help in improving your understanding of the language, especially how different phrases and words are used, and also improve your vocabulary. The common European framework of reference (CEFR) for languages is used for determining the levels of reading skills in English. Students interested in improving their reading skills should choose the suitable lessons for their levels of proficiency. Our English language experts have developed lessons for each level so that it will be easy for students to understand the lessons and improve their reading skills.

Improving your English reading skills will help you read faster and  understand better, so your grades in school and college, especially in English, will improve. Since most business communication in many countries is in English, language skills are also considered during performance appraisal, and those who understand English well have better career prospects. Reading and understanding English well can also help you communicate well with colleagues, business associates and people from different countries worldwide, especially online.

Understanding Your Level of Reading Skills

Before taking lessons for improving your English reading, you should first take a test to check your reading skills level at present. Based on the reading skills level, you can choose from A1 CEFR level for beginners to advanced C1 level CEFR lessons for those who have good reading skills. This will ensure that you do not waste your time and can improve your English reading skills quickly according to your convenience. The different levels are described below.

A1 Reading

A1-level reading is recommended for those who have a very basic knowledge of English. Practicing reading at this level will help in understanding words and sentences about topics which you know, and easy-to-understand information. Specifically, improving A1 reading skills will help you understand messages, posters, and timetables and forms that people encounter daily.

A2 Reading

Improving A2-level reading skills will help you understand simple text messages, notices and other content you read daily. It will also help you find relevant information in messages, emails, invitations and signs.

B1 Reading

The B1 reading skills require you to understand job-related texts and other written materials at the workplace, for personal interaction and professional reasons. After completing these lessons and exercises, you should be able to read and understand emails, basic technical documents, presentations, advertisements, reviews, articles and guides for travel…

B2 Reading

After completing B2-level reading lessons and exercises, you should be able to easily read and understand text content where large numbers of vocabulary words are used, and where the opinion of the writer also has to be considered. In addition to understanding messages, you will also be able to read and understand job-related reports, articles, reviews and other short stories.

C1 Reading

C1-level English reading lessons and exercises will help you read and understand longer and more complex texts on a wide range of subjects, even if you are not familiar with the subject. You will become proficient in reading summaries, biographies and other specialized articles.

Reading Lessons and Exercises