The 7ESL Reward Program

The 7ESL Reward Program is designed to boost learning motivation for members—the more you learn, the more rewards you get. Specifically, top accounts who take part in the most courses and finish with maximum scores will get maximum rewards. Details are as follows:

  • Each month, rewards will be distributed for the top 5 accounts who obtain the highest number of coins for each month.
  • The reward will be a 1 Month Membership for the fifth-place, fourth-place, third-place and second-place accounts, and a 3 Months Membership for the first-place account.
  • The monthly coins for each account will be counted and finalized at the end of each month.
  • The ranking will be updated in real time on the Leaderboad page.

Details of number of coins gained from completing each topic and lesson are as follows:

  • 1 coin for completing a Memory Game
  • 1 coin for completing an Audio Recording
  • 2 coins for completing an Interactive Video with the maximum score
  • 3 coins for completing a Drag and Drop with the maximum score
  • 4 coins for completing a Dictation (listening practice) with the maximum score
  • 5 coins for completing a unit of Flashcards with the maximum score