English speaking skills will help you communicate verbally with others, specifically improving your career prospects, making international friends and creating a better impression in business meetings. You can find many activities to practice and improve your speaking skills in the following sections. Generally, you can improve your speaking skills by noticing the language people use while speaking with others in different conditions, and practicing these phrases in your English conversations.

Understanding Your Level of Speaking Skills

The Common European-Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages is used for determining the levels of speaking skills in English. You can choose from the four English levels for practicing, starting from the beginner (CEFR) A1 level to the upper-intermediate CEFR B2 level to improve your speaking skills at a speed which you prefer, and taking the lessons, when you have free time.

A1 Speaking

The person learning English at the A1 level will be able to understand others using the most commonly used English words and phrases. He or she will also be able to use these phrases for communicating with others. English learners will also be able to introduce themselves and others. They will learn to answer personal questions like where they are living, the items they own, and the people they know. So they can communicate in English with others only if the other person speaks clearly and slowly. Usually people with A1 spoken English skills also have A1 listening skills, and can recognize widely used words.

A2 Speaking

A2 English users can speak in sentences to provide information about their families and themselves, places of interest and shopping for visitors, and basic work-related data if asked. If asked, learners at this level can describe in simple English language their requirements at present, business conditions, environment, and their experience, education, skills and events in their lives.

B1 Speaking

Individuals who can speak in English independently without any assistance from other people in English are considered to have level-B1 English speaking skills. Their English speaking skills are good enough for expressing opinions on various topics, making plans with others, and describing aspirations, events and experiences to others.

B2 Speaking

B2-level English leaners are independent users who are fairly fluent in the language, and can communicate without additional effort with other people speaking in English. They can deal with a problem in English, give others advice and challenge the ideas of others.