While it is sometimes difficult to understand what a person is saying due to different accents, English writing skills are important, because it is comparatively easy to understand what others have written in English. Hence many people are interested in improving their writing skills in English to improve their academic record, career or business opportunities.

Understanding Your Level of Writing Skills

Students should first check their level of proficiency in English writing by taking a test, usually online. Then, based on the test results, they can choose from any of the five levels of lessons/practice exercises, starting from A1 beginner CEFR level to advanced C1 CEFR level.

A1 Writing

The A1-level writing lessons are for those who do not have English writing skills. They will help the student write simple short text messages and fill in forms whenever required.

A2 Writing

Students having A2-level skills in English writing are able to write only in simple English. They can complete a personal profile, fill out forms, answer emails, send messages and post on forums.

B1 Writing

B1 English–level students have adequate writing skills to write simple sentences on topics with which they are familiar or topics in which they are personally interested . The student should be able to post on forums, write reviews and short essays.

B2 Writing

Students with B2-level writing skills can write detailed paragraphs and essays on a wide variety of topics, especially those with which they are familiar. They will also be able to write reviews, reports and essays on various subjects.

C1 Writing

Level-C1 English writers should be able to write properly structured proposal, essays, articles and reviews on complex topics which are easily understood.

Writing Lessons and Exercises